BIMagine Global Studio


Client With Scope Of Work

Once the client is ready with his scope of work we provide him a welcome kit along with the Client Orientation Letter where the entire workflow is explained in detail.


Assigned Project Manager

To begin with next steps we assign a Project Manager (single point of contact) who will be sending you daily updates and will be the single point of contact. His/Her team will be working on the projects and he will be communicating all the information received from the client’s end to the team.
Client send us the input files, sample projects and CAD and BIM standard files in the form of sketches ,CAD drawings , models , pdfs and other data files. These files can be send to us via;
We have a standard folder structure for all the cloud based drives.


Input Verification by BIMagine Team

Once the input files are received from our end we verify the files whether the inputs are sufficient to start the work or we need some more information. We create RFI for the missing information. Once we get this process completed we begin setting up the project.
The work is being distributed among the team members and daily work update will be provided to the client via email including the RFI / queries.


Quality Control

This is the most important process before we actually send the final deliverables. We have a team of checkers who performs both technical and CAD checks before we deliver the documents and models to the client. We have standard process of Quality Checking which is being followed for each drawing which goes outside our office.


Final Deliverables For Client Review

We send the final deliverables in the required format and park the files in the drive and send notification via email. We continue follow the same steps mentioned above if there are revisions in drawings and models.

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